Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Com.Tec Fresenius Kabi part 2

It's about 6 months now that I have trialled Com.Tec Fresenius Kabi Machine. Three procedures I already mastered so far, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE), Stem Cell Collection (Auto MNC), and Immunoabsorption (TPE with column). Since I tried Spectra Optia already, all apheresis machines need to be close to that standard at least. This machine is not dissappointing at all. I thought TPE and Auto MNC procedure were ok. It's not until I tried Immunoabsorption procedure, I was blown away. It was very easy and very simple procedure, and also you can cut down the time of procedure, too. Marvelous. I would love to see how this machine perform with other procedures.
Up until now, I think I should have this machine at least one in my unit. How?


  1. Hi paul. have you use the MCS+ from Haemonetics?? Im looking for information about the machine that fresenius have in Mexico to see if there´s ani advantage to switch to a new technology. i have use the CS3000 from baxter, The one from Gambro and now this one from Haemonetics. I Will appreciate your comments.

  2. I haven't used haemonetics yet, but I have tried a few blood separators including, Cobe Spectra, Spectra Optia, Com.Tec, Baxter CS 3000 plus and Therakos Cellex. I recommend you to swicth to the new technologies. It is easier to use. And from stem cell collection efficiences point of view, it much better quality and product. We did have some study on it. I will post it someday. Cheers.