Thursday, 3 April 2008

Trialling Com.Tec Fresenius Kabi

This month, we started trialling the new apheresis machine: Com.Tec from Fresenius Kabi, Australia. One thing is good about this machine is, able to do a few procedures including Therapeutic Plasma Excange and Stem Cell Collection. So far so good..... It seems like a combination between CS3000+ from Baxter (Fenwall) and Cobe Spectra from Gambro, BCT. The technology defenitely one step ahead of those machines. Very user friendly and easy to understand.... Might be later on I will be able to compare it with optia spectra from Gambro, BCT. I love optia....
With this machine, at the moment I only able to practice TPE procedure, may be in the next few days I will learn more about the stem cell collection... As a TGA auditor will come to our unit soon... it means we might put this issue on hold. Anyway, we have a few months to play with....


  1. any update on the trial? what about the Optia?

  2. I will post the update soon as we are still trialing com.tec, the trialing date for optia with stem cell harvest will take place sometimes after October this year... Will see..