Saturday, 3 March 2007

Little Note when harvesting stem cell

Procedure : Haemapoeitic Progenitor Cell Harvest
Machine :
Baxter CS3000+ with Long Life Kit

To start Harvest, CD34 count should be 10 or over, otherwise consultant discretion.
To start checking CD34, the WCC has to be more or equal 1.
The WCC has to be on the way up, not otherwise.
Consent has to be done/referal if required.

Blood Test:
Screening, if not done yet including HIV, HTLV1&2 Hep B, Hep C, Syph EIA.
FBC, ELP+, CD34 pos and BGAB.
If Allogenic & ABMDR – screening test needs to be sent to Red Cross, including HIV, HTLV1&2, Hep B and Hep C

Small plate for Auto or depends on WCC.
Large plate for Allogenic or AMDR.

Program: 8 Special

End point volume: 13 000 mls.

Location 68 according to patient HCT.
Location 71 according to MNC (monocyte and lymphocyte), always started with 140 for Allogenic/AMDR.

Started with Whole Blood Flow Rate (WBFR) 35mls/hr.
Anti Coagulant Ratio --- 11:1 mls, anti coagulant will be 32x/mnts.
Increase the WBFR up to 85.
Set Interface detector baseline after the 1st spill over.
Check Obs for the first 15 minutes and every hour after.
Change the Location 68 and 71 according to result ASAP.
After 10 liters processed, plasma can be collected.
- Small plate, 100 mls.
- Large plate, usually 100 mls. If to be sent overseas/ABMDR or WCC very high, collect 200 mls.
Before finish, ACD A needs to be collected and mixed with Progenitor Stem Cells.
- Small plate, 12 mls.
- Large plate, 44 mls.
The aim for CD34 Yield is between 2 to 5 x 1,000,000 L. Enough collection will be determined by Consultant.

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