Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Trialling Spectra Optia

Last week on 3rd and 4th of January 2008, I had a training with the new gambro Machine, Spectra Optia Apheresis System. Apparently we are the first one to try on in New South Wales. Very exciting.... It is incredible machine.... I really... really... love it and also very user friendly... and only a touch away to operate it..... As I am new in Apheresis world , this machine does help me alot how the system works. Unfortunately at this stage, this machine only able to do Therapeutic Plasma Exchange procedure. As Cobe Spectra machine will be discontinued in the next a few years, the replacement machine is so awesome... From the operator point of view, I will explain a little bit more about doing TPE with this little machine... Stay tune.

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  1. Hello Mr.Paul..
    Saya Anna mahasiswa keperawatan di salah satu stikes di Yogyakarta, rencananya saya ingin melanjutkan sekolah untuk memperoleh RN license di luar negeri tahun ini..
    Kalo boleh tahu bagaimana cara2nya? Dan apa saja persyaratannya?
    Tolong di nfo ke email saya maestro_of_poem@yahoo.com
    thx b4 Mr.Paul
    Best Regards; Anna